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The CCGame Project eSymposium was held on 18 June 2020, we thank all the speakers and attendees for the sharing and participation.

The recordings of the eSymposium are available on a separate page.

Under the theme Gamified Teaching and Learning for Heightening Students’ Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Competencies, the Project Team and some of the participants shared their experience gained from the activities organised for the Project. A number of renowned speakers were also invited, to talk about their views and examples on heightening students’ multicultural and multidisciplinary competencies through the use of technology and gamification of teaching and learning.

This symposium was free of charge and was open to all academics, staff members and students at higher education institutions.

The symposium was entirely online. Relevant meeting IDs and passwords were emailed to all registrants before the symposium. Registrants might attend any or all of the live sessions. After the symposium, session recordings will be available only to the registrants.

eSymposium Programme

Date: Thursday, 18 June 2020
Time: 14:30 – 17:10 (Hong Kong Time)

Time (Hong Kong)
[Time (UK)]
14:20 (Zoom connection open to participants)
14:30 Welcome Address
Dr Albert CHAU
Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)
Hong Kong Baptist University
14:35 Keynote Speech:
Advances in Analyses of Digital Team-based Learning

Professor David GIBSON
Director, Learning Futures, Curtin University, Australia
UNESCO Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Learning and Teaching
This talk will address the lessons learned through international co-research on digital team-based interactions by Hong Kong Baptist University and Curtin University. Advances in measuring collaborative problem-solving and data mining of chat transcripts as well as digital game results have led to automatic collection of new indicators of team-based learning using network analyses and visualisations as well as an active exploration of topic modelling in the context of collaborative conversations.
15:05 The CCGame Project: An Overview
Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning
Hong Kong Baptist University
Student-facilitated Session:
Multicultural Learning Experience in the United Nations SDG International eTournament 2020
Winning teams and students in the United Nations SDG International eTournament 2020
Panel Discussion:
Heightening Students’ Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Competencies

Panel members:

Hong Kong Baptist University (Leader of the CCGame Project)
Assistant Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning

CCGame Project Partners
Dr Crusher WONG
City University of Hong Kong
Professor Paul LAM
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr Kevin CHAN
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Representative of UNESCO Hong Kong Association
Vice President

Representative of Coventry University, United Kingdom
Ms Nicola BEER
Assistant Professor, Faculty Curriculum Lead (Faculty of Business and Law)
17:00 Closing

All the times listed in the symposium programme are in Hong Kong Time (GMT +8 hours). Please be aware of the time difference between your location and Hong Kong.

Also, please be noted that the programme is subject to change without prior notice.


(Listed in alphabetical order of last names)

Ms Nicola BEER
Faculty of Business and Law, Coventry University, United Kingdom


Ms Nicola BEER is an Assistant Professor at Coventry University, United Kingdom, leading in curriculum change initiatives designed to promote inclusive, personalised and flexible learning for students in the Faculty of Business and Law. She has a particular interest in the benefits of embedding Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL; virtual exchange) projects in the curriculum, having previously led on COIL for Coventry University. Her PhD is investigating the potential of COIL as a means to develop students’ sense of belonging.

Dr Kevin CHAN
Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Dr Kevin CHAN is an instructor at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). With support of the various projects from PolyU Teaching & Learning Development Grant and the UGC, Dr Chan has initiated the Clickers@PolyU user group that promotes and facilitate use of Students Response System and advocated in practice and research in various fronts of learning with technology included technology enhanced flipped classroom, gamified learning, out-of-class learning, Mass Open Online Course, and learning science in general. Dr Chan’s current interests are in the psychology of technology adoption, attention and engagement in learning, and applied psychology in the community settings. He also serves as a member in the PolyU’s Advisory Committee on e-Learning and the Working Group on Development and Operation of e-Learning under the institution’s University Learning & Teaching Committee.

UNESCO Hong Kong Association


Dr Angela CHEUNG has been Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association since 2013. She is in charge of developing and conducting activities and programmes for promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in primary and secondary schools and the tertiary education sector in Hong Kong. Her career encompasses being the supervisor of 50 schools ranging from kindergarten, primary, secondary grammar, prevocational, practical and special under the management of the Tung Wah Group, Council Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (now Hong Kong Education University), Member of the Hong Kong Education Commission, founder of the primary school and kindergarten of the Hong Kong Education University. At present, she is member of the School Board of a secondary school inaugurated by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and a kindergarten under the Yew Chung International Education Foundation.

Professor David GIBSON
Curtin University, Australia


Professor David GIBSON is Curtin University’s Director of Learning Futures, Education Theme Leader of the Curtin Institute for Computation and the UNESCO Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Learning and Teaching. His research focuses on games and simulations in education, learning analytics, complex systems analysis and the use of technology to personalise learning. He has over 100 publications on these topics. He is the creator of simSchool, a classroom flight simulator for preparing educators, and eFolio, an online performance-based assessment system and provides vision and sponsorship for Curtin University’s Challenge, a mobile, game-based learning platform.

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University


Dr Theresa KWONG is the Assistant Director of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University. Theresa’s major responsibilities at the Centre include: providing expertise to academic staff and departments regarding pedagogical issues, supporting the University’s implementation of the outcome-based approach to teaching and learning, teaching research postgraduate students basic teaching skills, overseeing the evidence collection of student learning, and endeavouring to better transformation in e-learning adoption. Her research interests include academic integrity, technology enhanced learning, faculty professional development, and outcomes assessment.

Professor Paul LAM
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Professor Paul LAM is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has extensive interest and experience in teaching and learning principles, case-based teaching and learning, web-assisted teaching and learning, and evaluation of eLearning and mLearning. He also has experience in designing educational tools. uReply is a classroom student response system developed under his supervision.

Dr Crusher WONG
Office of the Chief Information Officer, City University of Hong Kong


Dr Crusher WONG is the Senior Manager (e-Learning) in the Office of the Chief Information Officer at City University of Hong Kong. He has supported the use of learning management system at the university since 1998. Currently, he serves in two joint-university projects to further promote flipped learning approaches by incorporating practices in MOOC and digital gamming. His latest challenge is to facilitate synchronous teaching and assessments online.

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University


Dr Eva Y. W. WONG is the Director of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at Hong Kong Baptist University. The Centre has major responsibilities for professional development in teaching and learning of faculty members, assisting in the implementation of the outcomes-based approach to teaching and learning, supporting the University’s e-learning endeavours, collecting evidence for the assessment of students’ attainment of learning outcomes, and helping students’ whole person development with the aim of enhancing student learning with a holistic approach. Eva’s current interests and expertise are in the enhancement of student learning through the use of engaging and learner-centred pedagogies leveraged on e-learning.

Student Facilitators

Winning teams and students in the United Nations SDG International eTournament 2020

Champion Team –
represented by:

Whitney YU
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Zehuan LIAO
(also Most Valued Player – First Place)
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

First Runner-up Team –
represented by:

Bliss Xiao Qian TAN
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Second Runner-up Team –
represented by:

Andreas ZHENG
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

University of New South Wales, Australia

Kelechi NWEKE
Coventry University, United Kingdom

Most Valued Player – Second Place

Yong Kian LIM
The University of Hong Kong

About the CCGame Project

The CCGame Project, or “Developing Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Competences through Gamification and Challenge-Based Collaborative Learning” in full, is a joint-institution project aiming to improve student learning and performance by:

  1. Better preparing them to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams; and
  2. Motivating them through the deployment of gamification and challenge-based learning.

One of the signature activities of the CCGame Project was the United Nations SDG International eTournament. Two runs of the eTournament were organised in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The following shows the promotional video for the 2020 eTournament:

You can find out more about the project’s rationales, objectives and approach in The Project section of this website.

This Project is led by Hong Kong Baptist University, with City University of Hong KongThe Chinese University of Hong KongThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Curtin University in Australia as partners.

This Project is funded by the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, under the Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Projects (2016-19 Triennium; HKBU4/T&L/16-19).